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Seed Keywords Vs Long-Tail Keywords

Seed Keywords Vs Long-Tail Keywords

In a previous article, we gave the 10 Best Search Engine Optimization practices. The first and most crucial practice was and continues to be keyword and phrase research.

This is the preliminary work on which the content creation strategy will be based for each stage of the consumer’s journey. In today’s article, we dive a little deeper with additional tips to help you with content production and on-page SEO.

Seed Keywords VS Long Tail Keywords

What are Seed Keywords?

Seed Keywords are generalized keywords that you can find with various tools such as  Google Keyword Planner,  Ahrefs Keyword Explorer, etc.

Seed keywords are a starting point for keyword research. They are the broad terms that you enter into a keyword research tool to generate a list of related keywords. For example, if you run a gardening website, some seed keywords might be “gardening,” “plants,” “landscaping,” etc. These seed keywords can then be used to generate a list of more specific, long-tail keywords that are more targeted to your audience.

For example, using the seed keyword “gardening,” a keyword research tool might generate a list of long-tail keywords like “organic vegetable gardening,” “flower garden design,” and “how to start a garden.” These long-tail keywords are more specific and are more likely to be used by people who are actively searching for information on a particular topic.

Using seed keywords can be a useful way to get started with keyword research and can help you generate a list of ideas for content that will be relevant and valuable to your audience.

What are Long Tail Keywords?

These are the phrases – highly targeted opportunities that

  • include low-competition keywords
  • have a high conversion rate and
  • are used to enhance content promotion

What we achieve is a better ranking and conversion rate because the results obtained from

  • the specific search of the user and
  • his intention (search intent)

By better understanding  Search  Intent, we manage to create content that addresses specific user questions, which dramatically increases the conversion rate.

For example, if someone types in AUDI A3 sport price, they make it clear that they intend to buy it.

Conversely, if he types in AUDI A3 sport, it gives minimal and very general information about what he is looking for.

So we can conclude that Long Tail Keywords play an important role in SEO, with the following three advantages.

  • Less Competition
  • Higher Conversion Rate &
  • Optimizing  Semantic Search

How to Research Long  Tail  Keywords

  1. Find the long tails you rank best for
  2. Open  Search Console
  3. Click on Search Traffic > Search Analytics and select Clicks, Impressions, and Position

Then find new Long-Tail Keywords with the steps below

  1. Type Long-Tail Keywords into search engines and record the autocomplete results
  2. List the relevant search engine term suggestions at the bottom of the page

How to create content around Long – Tail  Keywords

Pick the ones you deserve first and then prioritize the next ones, tweaking and tweaking to produce content.

  1. Create pages on your site and blog posts for each keyword
  2. Put your keyword – keyphrase EVERYWHERE. In the title, heading, text, and permalink.
  3. If it is a Long Tail phrase, separate it with dashes
  4. Include the word – term in the images, the Header (H1 – H2, etc.), and the content.
  5. Include links that are relevant to the content and keyword. (It is a linkable text called anchor text)


In the end, what matters is how your content stacks up. Your website can’t be happy forever if you keep ignoring Google’s changing algorithms and customer behavior. Keep experimenting with different types of content and try to find a mix that suits everyone around here. After all, those who don’t like change just become irrelevant!

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