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How to organize your Content Marketing strategy

Content Marketing strategy
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In today’s article, we will show how you can benefit from this crisis opportunity since only  35% of B2B  and  37% of B2C  businesses have a content strategy.

Content – ​​Content is the message that your inbound strategy promotes.

You do it using blogs, emails, social media, and other tools that we will collect in the next article.

Without content – Content the internet would be empty.
To understand this, think about what you do when you search in search engines. You Type!

How do you create content?

Having collected the keywords and phrases, the next thing you need to do is organize the following four stages of your Content Marketing strategy.

  1. Design – Programming
  2. Creation
  3. Distribution
  4. Analysis
  5. Repetition

Design – Programming

Purpose:  To bring new visitors to the site or convert them into leads.

An offer is intended exclusively for converting the visitor into a lead, while a blog post concerns both, but with an emphasis on new visitors.

Format: Content can take the form of a case study, video, infographic, whitepaper, spreadsheet, eBook, template, research report, checklist, webinar, PowerPoint, Slideshare, DVD programs, audio programs, teleseminars, subscription, membership, speeches in events, online training, coaching and consulting, mastermind programs and much more.

What you choose depends on:

  1. Your Buyer Personas
  2. The 5 ways people learn (reading, watching, listening, participating in training, participating in live events)
  3. How much time do you have to prepare it and
  4. How much information do you have to present?

Topic:  Base it on your Buyer Persona and the Buyer’s Journey they are in.


Time for work. Created content for all 4 stages of the Inbound methodology  Attract  –  Covert  –  Close  –  Delight, packaged it, and prepared it for distribution.


Give to the world through websites, professional blogs, landing pages, social media, calls to action, marketing emails, etc.


What you should check are:

  • Number of visits
  • New leads
  • Social proof – if they share it
  • Inbound links
  • Render content basis
    • Editor
    • Subject
    • Form


Don’t stop producing new, original, and noteworthy content by repeating the actions we just developed.

Remember that what will help you in this long process is to treat it like your savings account!

A good start and remember.

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