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Guest Posting Sites That Accept Guest Post 2023

Guest Posting Sites
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We are always looking for ways to start blogging and continue to search for blogs or guest posting sites that allow us to communicate our opinions on the information we’ve acquired or learned to help others.

Before you can be qualified to blog on guest blogging sites, you must go through the listed key points:

  • Are you prepared to ensure that you have fresh content each time?
  • Are you aware of plagiarism?
  • What exactly is the blog about? What are you planning to write about?
  • Are you skilled enough to bring in more customers?

The first step for guest posting is to search for excellent guest post opportunities. When searching for sites that allow guest posting, your goal should be to find websites that align with your skills and interests. It is important to look for sites that cover specific areas of interest:

  • The content is always focused on your level of interest and skills.
  • This blog’s readers will always be curious about the topics you write about.
  • The blog will attract readers and, therefore, will be posted via social media.

It is not recommended to consider posting on blogs as an easy task to be accomplished. It is important to prepare for the rejection of your article if the blog does not consider the content appropriate and sufficient to offer details.

Top 10 Guest Posting Sites

If you’re prepared to begin blogging and are searching for websites that host guest blogs, You can proceed by creating an article that will be an account name for your site. There are a lot of sites that provide guest posting, and, yes, they do have rules, but if you are you’re a proficient writer, you can certainly write for these sites. Some of these websites include:

1.  Techwyse

Techwyse is a Canada’s Biggest Digital Marketing Agency. They aren’t as strict with terms of guest blogging as they’re open to any writer writing a guest post. The standards they set for quality are very high, and you’ll need to be certain to adhere to the guidelines of writing. They also assist in understanding the best strategies to drive traffic online.

Domain Metrics

  • Moz DA – 52
  • Moz PA – 54
  • Alexa Rank – 68,169
  • Domain Age – 20 Years

2. Mashable

Mashable is a digital media company that covers technology, entertainment, and lifestyle content. Mashable was founded in 2006 by Pete Cashmore.

This blog is for independent and professional writers. It is idle for bloggers, hackers, and artists who are willing to do guest postings and show their talent. It is easy to contact them when you’ve got a bright mind and are able to get the traffic you need easily.

Domain Metrics

  • Moz DA – 93
  • Moz PA – 63
  • Alexa Rank – 2871
  • Domain Age – 17 Years
  • Spam Score – 1%

3. Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner provides an in-depth analysis of different social media platforms, which makes it a valuable resource for users looking to learn more about each platform. Additionally, the site offers news and tips on using social media for business purposes, which sets it apart from other platforms offered by web publishers.

It’s the most likely site for content from social media. They also encourage guest posting and help businesses make use of social media to promote their businesses.

Domain Metrics

  • Moz DA – 80
  • Moz PA – 58
  • Alexa Rank – 14,507
  • Domain Age – 13 Years
  • Spam Score – 2%

4. KISSmetrices

It’s not that easy to write guest posts for them. You’ll need to provide some examples of articles to them and then they will evaluate you in accordance with the content. You may also participate in guest posting webinars. Numerous companies use this website to increase site traffic.

Domain Metrics

  • Moz DA – 46
  • Moz PA – 48
  • Alexa Rank – 197,622
  • Spam Score – NA

5. Cloudways.com

Cloudways is a cloud-based platform that allows developers to easily create, deploy, and manage their applications in the cloud. If you decide to use this site then it’s the job you do every month.

Domain Metrics

  • Moz DA – 66
  • Moz PA – 49
  • Alexa Rank – 2608
  • Domain Age – 13 Years
  • Spam Score – 1%

6. Mention

This is an excellent site for professionals in marketing. The guest posting feature on this site is a simple and reasonable deal. All you need to do is keep the market niche that is online-based marketing. They provide guest posts on a regular basis. The content should be considered strategic and must be of high quality.

Domain Metrics

  • Moz DA – 66
  • Moz PA – 45
  • Alexa Rank –  21,392
  • Domain Age – 23 Years
  • Spam Score – NA

7. Moz

Moz is an online marketing platform that helps you to improve the traffic and conversion rate of your website. It provides a variety of tools and resources, including Keyword research, Link Research, Spam score checker, and Competitive Research. Moz also offers training on how to use these tools for effective web marketing.

It was before called SEOmoz. You will get good exposure on the web with guest blog posts. It’s also focused on marketing online.

Domain Metrics

  • Moz DA – 91
  • Moz PA – 40
  • Alexa Rank –  1543
  • Domain Age – 24 Years
  • Spam Score – 2%

8. WebAndDesigners

WebAndDesigners is a web-based application that primarily aims to address the challenges faced by web designers as well as audiences of other professions or similar ones. If you feel that you have relevant details that can assist other web developers to solve problems with their websites, You can certainly contribute to this site. You must also be able to find an area of interest on WordPress.

Domain Metrics

  • Moz DA – 44
  • Moz PA – 42
  • Alexa Rank – 175,120
  • Domain Age – 13 Years
  • Spam Score – NA

9. Creately

Creately.com is a site that provides users with the ability to create and share professional-quality drawings and illustrations. Creately offers an online drawing editor, as well as a variety of tools for connecting with others in the creative community.

If you’re mature enough to inspire others and help them learn through your own words, you’re welcome to post your thoughts on Creately. They focus on visual art blogs as well as guest posts.

Domain Metrics

  • Moz DA – 75
  • Moz PA – 50
  • Alexa Rank –  7614
  • Domain Age – 14 Years
  • Spam Score – 3%

10. Duct Tape Marketing

The DuctTapeMarketing.com website is designed to help businesses and individuals market their products using duct tape advertising. They also accept guest posting, so you can also pick the topics you want to write about.

Domain Metrics

  • Moz DA – 71
  • Moz PA – 32
  • Alexa Rank –  97,392
  • Domain Age – 20 Years
  • Spam Score – 1%


Each content writer is aware of guest blogging and this article should have provided you with additional information on guest blogging websites. Each of the websites mentioned above is ideal for guest blogging and you are able to choose any of them.

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